A Few Examples

I love that Katie chose a pastel shirt. It made the photos so soft & yummy.

The magic of Bummies!! For girls & boys.

I would encourage having a variety of hat boys & bows for girls.

For Newborn Sessions
1. Mom & Dad need long sleeved shirts. Most clients choose all black. I suggest would choose something that matches the babies nursery or the room where you will be displaying the photos.

2. For girls please have 2 or 3 bows. For boys please have 2 or 3 hats.

3. At least one pair of bummies. For girls these come with little dresses. For boys they typically come with summer outfits. These work really well for pix where they are wearing their diapers & bummies are some much cuter than a diaper. I have also seen PJ bottoms, levi shorts & small piece of fabric pinned up.

4. Centralize your blankets, who knows what color or pattern I'll need in my creative whirl-wind.

5. The most successful new born shoots are those where my clients has started to formulate ideas & have some poses & locations in mind. My photography style is very different than your typical studio shots, so be prepared to get creative.

PS. To this day I have not done a new born shoot where we didn't have an accident, so be prepared to get dirty :)

Fox Paw Shoes. I encourage having flashy accessories for children. The amount of style they wear will direct the amount of style in the photos.

One the reason's I love shooting kids is their candor. Toys really pull the very best from them. Bringing toys to a shoot is a great idea!!

Hats add instant style to a photo!!

Dressing Kids
Kids are my favorite for a reason. They don't worry about what looks flattering. They never ask "If I wear a patterned skirt will it make my hips look big?" (honestly!!) Your only concern when dressing kids should be "is this outfit the most cute thing I have ever seen?"

Some suggestions...
1. Over the top colorful, flashy shoes.
2. Bows or hats. For kids hats & bows are probably the most defining item in a shoot.
3. Bring toys & props. Who knows if I'll photograph them but it's always nice to have them to help your kids loosen up.

Hats - I'm tell'n ya!!!

I love shooting with hobby props. What an bomb-diggity way to capture that period in your life. I really suggest hobby props for senior pix!!

Another example of hobby props. Love it!!

Who would have thought that getting your photo taken in your coat would look so good. Coats typically have a lot of style. Bringing a coat to your shoot is a great idea. I love layering & in this case just popping the collar for a high fashion look.

For portrait & senior session I encourage you to bring at least 1 skirt. Skirts has so much more style than jeans. Jeans have their place but man-all-mighty look how cute Katie's skirt makes this pic.

Laura did so many things right when choosing outfits for her & her 3 boys. I love the combination of colors & pattern. The accessories really make all the difference - neck tie, vest, scarf & hats. Take them out & this photo would be half of what it is.

Amy Rossi really out did herself!! Several people have suggested Amy hire herself out to help dress people for their photos. But, I have her secret. She started with that little darling skirt. She purchased it at Quilted Bear then coordinated the colors & then patterned around that one piece. Brilliant!! I also love that she dressed her husband & little boy in matching outfits. Amazing all the way around!!

Jodi & I talked long & hard about what to wear for her shoot. My advice was to be sure that each of their outfits had style. Brandon's first & probably last time (well, until their next photos shoot) wearing jeans & a suit coat. Doesn't it look great!! Women's outfits are easily dressed up but men's are sometimes over looked. I thought Jodi did a great job of having her & Brandon dress in style. I think it really adds a ton to their photo!!

This family did coordinated fall colors. I love the splash of red & yellow. They also did a great job of not simplifying their outfits in an attempt to match. There is still a lot of texture, layers & style.